Simona – medical cotton wool

Simona – in short

Simona cotton wool is made of 100% pure, unbleached cotton. It meets the highest standards of hygienic and medical use.

It has very high absorption capacity.

The length of the fiber is 16 mm.

Cotton wool – general characteristics

The cotton wool is a specific material, precisely described as a loose netting of interconnected fibers and filaments. The low density of this material, or its large volume relative to the mass, comes from the so-called absorptive structure.

Due to such a structure, cotton wool are often called pillows. The composition of the material from which this cosmetic and medical device is most often used includes cellulose fibers, cotton, viscose or synthetic fibers such as polyester. By chemical analysis, the composition of the cotton wool can be determined by combustion. If the smoke that develops is extremely unpleasant, it is made of artificial materials. Otherwise, smoke produced by combustion of cotton is less unpleasant.

History of woolen pads

Cotton wool in the modern form was patented in the early seventies of the 20th century. The first known patent was registered in 1973, being described as a new invention for the cleaning of the face and nails, as well as replacement for hygienic cotton buds (intended for cleaning of the ears and similarly). The product was 57 mm in diameter, and it only gained popularity and larger number of users in the mid-eighties.

In Europe, it has largely outperformed the sale of cotton buds. In the nineties, with the increase in demand, a range of various variants of cotton pads increased. One of the most frequent modern uses is to remove nail polish. There have been cases of specific phobia, an irrational fear that arises from the very appearance of woolen pads.

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