Simona cosmetic cotton pads

Simona cosmetic cotton pads – in short

Simona cosmetic cotton pads are manufactured from 100% pure cotton, which is not chlorinated with chlorine. Its composition fully complies with the European standard of Pharmacopoeia.

They have a high absorption capacity, absorbing a quantity of 12 times their weight, in 10 seconds.

You can use Simona cotton pads for:

– daily maintenance of beauty and facial hygiene

– removing nail polish

– disinfection

– care for sensitive skin of children.

Broad range of using the cotton pads

In medicine, cotton pads serve to prevent bleeding from small holes resulting from the administration of a vaccine, or injection, and must be attached by hand or medical tape. They can be cleaned by cotton pads, if they are previously sodden with alcohol, hydrogen, or other disinfectant. Ultimately, a special type of cotton pads is used to collect saliva for its analysis, while wool pads are placed in empty medicine bottles to collect moisture that otherwise affects the medications.

On the other hand cotton pads have wide usage in the field of cosmetics. The user soaking the pads by fluids for removing pimples, mites and other imperfections, and then rubs the face. In the same way, cotton pads are using to remove make-up, otherwise it may result in various skin damage, caused by clloged pores.

Woolen pads are soft, and can also be used for cleaning babies and infants, although this is not their primary purpose. They can be placed between the toes when putting nail polish or dipped in milk and rubbed on the eyelids to reduce eye blotting.

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